Zano Handz Hand Sanitizer 7oz. 12per Case
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Zano Handz Hand Sanitizer is an 80% Alcohol Formula Antiseptic Hand Rub.  It is packaged in an easy-to-use spray bottle, dispensing a fine mist of hand sanitizer 12 per box.

Zano Handz can be sprayed onto hands and surfaces. Spray any surface and the product instantly dries and disinfects!  Our hand sanitizer spray is made with 80% Ethyl Alcohol. This antiseptic hand rub solution will help reduce bacteria which potentially can cause disease. For use when soap and water not available. The nice thin solution dries quickly and doesn't leave sticky residue compared to thicker sanitizers. 

(1) 7oz. Spray Bottle of Zano Handz Hand Sanitizer with a sprayer or "shampoo-style" cap depending on availability*
*Due to bottle and sprayer supply & demand, the bottle/dispensing device you receive may be different than what is pictured.




Zano Handz Hand Sanitizer 7oz. 12per Case