Tire Tread Depth Gauge
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  • Simple to use and easy to read
  • Accurate and efficient, the different colors on the bar represent different scopes:
    • Red range on bar: 0 - 3/32"
    • Yellow range on bar: 3/32" - 6/32"
    • Green range on bar: 6/32" - 1"
  • Reusable: tire tread gauge is made of a sturdy material, reusable and long lasting
  • An efficient tool to monitor tire tread levels and makes driving safer
  • Measurement: tire gauge measures approx. 3.35 x 1.06 inch, small size, also features a pocket clip for easy carrying, clips it on a pocket, ideal for quick and convenient usability.

(1) Tire Tread Depth Gauge




Tire Tread Depth Gauge