Rid Odor Pro - Loan Fleet "We at Sewell Lexus in Dallas, Texas, have been very happy with the Rid Odor Pro and service you have provided. We have used Rid Odor Pro since January 2009 in our loan car fleet. Rid Odor Pro works quickly so we can get our loan cars back into the fleet much faster than our previous method would. We are happy to recommend Rid odor for others to use."
Steve - Sewell Lexus Parts Deparment, Dallas, Texas

"We became a smoke-free hotel for the past 2 1/2 years. We have used several products from different vendors with little success on eliminating smoke smell. I am extremely happy with the Rid Odor products and highly recommend them."
Vee - Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Marriott South

Strong Vehicle Smells "I have been smoking in my car for over 2 years. After it was treated with Rid Odor Pro, you can’t even tell that anybody has smoked in the car..."

RentFresh gives me results! "...this stuff actually gets rid of the smell and it stays that way."
Mitch Parks - Elko, NV

Wet Dive Suit "I don't know if you dive, but when you get back from a trip, your wet suit smells terrible from the salt water. I used some of the product on my stuff last week and it took care of the smell. Usually I have to soak it in the tub for days."
Bob Kulick

Hockey Gear....Enough Said! "I've been up against some great players, and I've got to say they all STINK! "
Craig Ludwig - Two Time Stanley Cup Champion

Residential Treatment Centers "Thank you for providing Timberline Knolls with the opportunity to use Rid Odor. Electrical air fresheners were previously utilized to address any unwanted odors and were replaced with Rid Odor. It proved to be a worthy adversary for the electrical air fresheners, as it eliminated the odor as opposed to slightly masking the odor temporarily. I would highly recommend Rid Odor as an odor eliminator."
Michelle Cook - Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Centers - Illinois

Rid Odor Pro - Pre-Owned "John with Rid Odor introduced us to the Rid Odor Pro product line several months ago. With a fast-paced Pre-Owned sales department, we had a need for quick and reliable odor control at a moments notice. Rid Odor Pro Leather scent filled the bill."
Jim - Sewell Lexus Pre-Owned Department

Rental Cars "In the rental car business, we come upon some odors that just won't come out and are sometimes forced to sell the vehicles because of the odor."
Capps Van and Truck Rental

Sports Clothing & Equipment "Recently I had the opportunity to use Rid Odor Sport on my adult son’s ice hockey clothing and equipment....Overnight, the odors that had been in his equipment for months was gone."

Household Tobacco Smoke "We treated the rooms, the air circulation system in the house and it successfully eliminated the tobacco smoke smell throughout the house. We then had her car treated with Rid Odor Pro which also completely eliminated the smell of cigarette smoke in her car. When she came home from the hospital to see the smile on her face was priceless, as she was absolutely amazed that the smell of years of cigarette smoke was eradicated."

Cigar Smoke "Where others have failed, yours is truly a winner."

Musty Mold & Mildew Odor "We can not tell you how grateful we are and how pleased we are with your product. I will tell everyone how your product has made my house a place that we could walk into without curling up our nose at a musty smell. "
Russell & Jonnie

Vehicle Odors "One of our customers came to us with a foul deer blood smell in his car. He is a hunter and some of the blood spilled on his carpeting. Rid Odor took the smell out of his car and it has not returned."

Sour Milk in a Vehicle "I remembered one of my friends talking about his product called Rid Odor and I called him and asked if his product would help. After the vehicle was treated with Rid Odor..."

Cat Urine "I tried other products, but nothing worked...It was simple to use, took less than 10 minutes and it worked great!"

Decaying Food "The odors which were floating around the house were gone! Not a single whiff of anything bad was able to be detected. Rid Odor set the bad odors assail and to never return again."

Dead Animal Odor "I visited with the inventor of Rid Odor often at a local coffee shop at which a group of us meet very early in the morning. I asked him if his product would work. He treated the room with Rid Odor and the odor was eliminated and did not return. Rid Odor really works."