Kleen-Rite 6600-19T Vacuum Motor
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The 6600-19T bypass peripheral exhaust vacuum motor is the best vacuum motor for a wide range of applications. This best-seller is typically used in commercial vacuums, coin operated car wash vacuums and central vacuum systems. Such high-use applications require the added durability found in the double ball bearing construction of the 6600-19T. Quick connect and disconnect motor terminals make installation and removal of a faulty motor easier than ever, resulting in less downtime for maintenance. 


  • Bypass Peripheral Exhaust motor
  • Peak Air Watts:  308
  • Sealed Vacuum:  89 Inches Of Water
  • CFM @ 2” Inlet, Typical:  101 Cubic Feet Per Minute Of Airflow Plastic Fan End Bracket
  • Easy quick connect/disconnect motor terminals
  • Double ball bearing for added durability
  • Assembled in the USA

(1) Kleen-Rite 6600-19T 120V peripheral exhaust vacuum motor for use in commercial, car wash and central vacuums.




Kleen-Rite 6600-19T Vacuum Motor