Easy Fresh Fragranced Cover
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Evolve Store Price : $5.50
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Powerful enough to freshen larger areas - The cover contains 2 to 3 times more fragrance than gels or metered aerosols, the motor driven fan moves air freshener further than a typical passive system, so you'll freshen larger areas. Freshens consistently for 30 days - the smart chip controlled fan freshens consistently since it turns sparingly in week 1, and gradually turns more frequently until week 4 when it runs constantly. Easy-to-use - maintenance is simple with easy-to-use LED and audible reminders along with a push button cover for quick removal and replacement. Safe for the environment - cannot spill or misfire, part of the industry's first closed-loop recycling program so it's easily recyclable.

(1) Easy Fresh 2.0 Cover Lasts 30 days




Easy Fresh Fragranced Cover