Dr. Smellgood Rx - Cucumber Melon 12pk.
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Evolve Pro Solutions' brand new line of Ready-to-Use products, Dr. Smellgood Rx, is an enzymatic odor counteractant which works quickly and efficiently. Dr. Smellgood Rx eliminates odors at their source by digesting the molecules that create unwanted smells.  It is an amazing enzyme-based product which can be used on most tough odor problems: food odors, body odors, pet smells, urinals and toilets, dumpsters, drains, etc.

(12) 32oz. Dr. Smellgood Rx Cucumber Melon with 2 sprayers

Available in 2 fragrances: Cucumber Melon & Lavender Vanilla




Dr. Smellgood Rx - Cucumber Melon 12pk.