Auto Shocker 24 Kits
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Auto Shocker™ is a revolutionary product that uses Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) to break down volatile molecules and eliminate unwanted odors in your car for good. No masking agents are added. Attracted to their charge, ClO2 actively seeks out odor molecules in the tightest spaces of a vehicle interior, including floor mats, carpets, seat cushions, glove compartments, and visors. Vapors even reach into the air conditioning system to eliminate musty smells associated with mold and mildew.
  • ClO2 permeates every surface to eliminate the worst of smells.
  • Auto Shocker™ works on compact cars, full size vehicles, and SUVs.
  • It cleans the air in the cabin and within the ventilation system.
  • It eliminates odors permanently in 1.5-24 hours, depending on severity.
  • It works on up to 250 cubic feet of space, with no residue left behind.

(1) 24ct. Auto Shocker Kits

Biocide Systems is proud to offer the Auto Shocker™ ClO2 odor eliminator. Rather than acting as a masking agent, like many consumer odor removal products, it works by literally seeking out odor molecules like a smart bomb and neutralizing them on contact.

The ClO2 vapors reach the tightest of spaces and within all porous surfaces, leaving your vehicle smelling clean with healthier air to breathe. Stale, musty air and odors from cigarette smoke, spoiled food, sweat, or pet waste are permanently neutralized; even skunk odors are no match for this odor eliminator!

Whether foul odors are coming from seat cushions, vehicle carpeting, carpets, or the HVAC unit, Auto Shocker™ will neutralize them. It is an eco-friendly product. The ClO2 vapors break down into harmless salt and water after use. Also, the product is completely safe for people and pets; in fact, it’s used in treating poultry, meat, and seafood products without putting consumers at risk.

How to Use Biocide Systems Auto Shocker™


Move your vehicle into a garage, shaded area, or elsewhere away from direct sunlight, as ultraviolet light causes ClO2 to break down faster, reducing its effectiveness. Make sure all dirt, debris, and trash have been removed from the vehicle. Also remove floor mats, open the glove compartment and storage consoles, and leave the visor at half-mast.


● Proceed with the following steps when using Auto Shocker™:
● Open the container; remove its contents, including the ClO2 foil packet.
● Read the information on the foil packet carefully; open the packet at the notch edge.
● Remove the CLO2DMG Technology™ pouch and discard the included desiccant.
● Shake the pouch to mix ingredients and place it back in the container.
● Place the container on a flat surface and add one full cup of warm tap water.
● Close all doors and windows, and leave the product to work for 4-24 hours—the stronger the odor, the more time that is needed.


Once the treatment is completed, open all vehicle doors to ventilate it and put the lid back on the product container. Dispose of it in a waste container outdoors. The vehicle should be ventilated for about 20 minutes while a slight chlorine scent dissipates.

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Auto Shocker 24 Kits